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Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group was founded in 2001, twenty years ago. We are a group of ordinary Australians who remain united by the vision of a compassionate Australia where people seeking refuge and asylum are treated with justice and compassion. We are all volunteers. BMRSG has no particular religious or political affiliation except a commitment to common decency.

Friendship and support

We offer friendship and practical support for refugees and those seeking asylum.

Enabling Self Help

We enable refugees to thrive, not just survive as they develop their skills, activities and businesses.

Education and advocacy

We provide community education on refugee issues and advocate for government policies which reflect the spirit of the 1951 Refugee Convention 


During 2021-22 financial year two areas of assistance stood out, rent relief and food assistance as people with casual work lost hours due to COVID.


 Christmas presents to refugee children


Spent on rental assistance


CV’s and job applications

These achievements are only possible due to our wonderful volunteers. Visitors who stay in contact with those seeking asylum in the community and in detention, those who organise and support our Cars for Refuges program, the mentoring and English conversation volunteers, employment assistance team and fundraisers are just some who bring hope to so many.,

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Take Action

Palm Sunday 2021 at Lawson around 150 mountain people from choirs, faith groups, unions and mainline churches joined to demonstrate with placards on the highway with the message of Peace and Justice

Stay Informed

Keep up to date on important reports, our submissions to government, other advocacy sites and our latest newsletters.


We support 44 families and 35 individuals, November 2022. 50% of funds goes on rental assistance.

What we do

We offer friendship and practical support for refugees and people seeking asylum to enable refugees to thrive, not just survive as they develop their own skills activities and businesses

Young Supporters Spotlight

Prize winners in the BMRSG Video and Poster Competition 2022

View all video entries on the Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group YouTube channel.

Click for information on Student Video and Poster Competition 2022

First Prize winner;  Ruby Tomka of Smiths Hill HS, Wollongong.

Second Prize winners; William Brett, William Soukhavong and Adytia Kumaresan of Smiths Hill HS

Equal Third Prize winners; William Newman and Felix Cohen of Smiths Hill HS.

Equal Third Prize Winners: Eliza Harvey, Saffron Butler and Charlotte Palmisano of Smiths Hill HS

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