August 19, 2019

Susan Templeman’s speech Migration Amendment (Repairing Medical Transfers) Bill 2019 Second Reading Speech

Member of Macquarie, Susan Templeman's speech opposing the repeal of the Medivac legislation. MIGRATION AMENDMENT (REPAIRING MEDICAL TRANSFERS) BILL 2019 SECOND READING SPEECH Since the Medevac laws passed in February, against the government's wishes, 110 refugees and asylum seekers have been transferred to Australia for medical treatment. In a submission to a Senate inquiry examining the government's bid to unwind the laws, Dr Kerryn Phelps points out that about 80 per cent of cases were agreed to by the minister at the first instance and none have been refused on security grounds. "The process is working as intended - an orderly system providing medical treatment for sick refugees in a timely manner," Dr Phelps said.