A Christmas Message

by Joy Connor, Chair BMRSG

My Mum passed away a year ago at 98. Not long before, she had magnets made for everyone that said “Christmas is the key to the future’  This year it hit me that the Christmas story of a baby born to a homeless refugee family destined to bring A Christmas message, Peace to the Earth, changes what we value in this sad old world whatever belief system we follow. 
Decisions made from a Christmas value base are the key to a future where we care for each other and our aching planet.

In these last days of a hard hard year, as the mountains burn around us let us be grateful for the faithfulness of those who live by these Christmas values. Week after week our BMRSG visitors faithfully take the long trip to Villawood detention to bring friendship and the knowledge that they are not forgotten to people who are locked in indefinite detention.
BMRSG community visitors keep in contact with households offering friendship and support at great cost to themselves.

People in the mountains have opened their homes and taken in homeless refugees-over the years some have become part of the family.
Our letter writers faithfully meet month after month writing to politicians so the problems refugees suffer cannot be swept under the carpet.

Fund raising teams work with generous musicians, choirs, raffle ticket sellers and donors to provide the funds that keep families housed and fed.

Gratitude, they tell us shields us from negativity and eliminates stress. So let’s keep looking for opportunities for being grateful for all those who selflessly keep on doing good.

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