Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group Inc (BMRSG): Providing Aid and Advocacy for Refugees

The Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group Inc (BMRSG) was formed in 2001 out of the outrage felt by our community when Australia ignored the international law of the sea and refused to take refugees rescued at sea by the Norwegian freighter The Tampa. We have been working for justice for refugees ever since

We are a refugee support organisation made up of ordinary Australians from all sides of politics. The organisation has no specific religious affiliations. We are an incorporated association, registered in NSW and a registered charity. We are all volunteers. 

Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group Inc (BMRSG) is a charity in NSW Australia. It has no connection with the Department of Home Affairs, which is responsible for immigration to Australia. 

BMRSG is an organisation run by volunteers with the aim of providing support to refugees and asylum seekers after they have arrived in Australia.   

Our Constitution does not allow the provision of assistance to people living overseas. 

What we do

What We Do

Our refugee support organisation aims to bring comfort, friendship and hope for refugees and people seeking asylum. Enable refugees to thrive, not just survive as they develop their own skills, activities and businesses. We work to educate the broader community about refugee issues and advocate for policies which reflect the spirit of the 1951 Refugee Convention at all levels of government.

Visiting people detained in Villawood Detention Centre and people seeking asylum living in the community

Providing practical assistance including; emergency supplies,  no-interest loans, referrals to legal assistance, help with employment and further training

Assisting with: education expenses, medical expenses, swimming lessons and sporting teams

Meeting needs as they arise if funds and volunteers are available.


We Aim To

Widen public understanding of refugee and asylum seeker issues through:

  • Advocating for fair treatment of those seeking asylum through our social media and the mainstream media.
  • Writing submissions and engaging with politicians.
  • Participating in rallies and marches to highlight asylum seeker and refugee issues.
  • Liaising with church and other community groups to provide current and balanced information.
  • Organising public meetings and debates addressed by informed speakers.
  • Involving our schools and young people in the Christmas “Youth Shoebox Project.
  • Fundraising, music events, raffles, art shows, public meetings, dinners, trivia nights, festivals.

People become refugees because they will die or be subjected to intolerable living conditions if they stay. We must address the causes of this by investing in peace and standing up for persecuted minorities. People get on unsafe boats in our region because they have no safe place in their transit country. We need to support better funding for UNHCR processing centres in our region, and rights for those refugees hosted there. We advocate for humane and fair treatment of people seeking asylum, however, they get here.

Our objectives include:

  • Permanent protection visas for all proven refugees
  • Refugee and visa claims processed in a timely and consistent manner
  • An end to offshore detention, resettlement in Australia for those found to be refugees
  • Limit detention of asylum seekers in Australia to 3 months. Treat those detained with respect not as criminals. Never deport those seeking asylum back to danger.

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