Tributes – Grant Medaris

Life Member Grant Medaris – a wise and gentle man

Grant Medaris brings many skills to our work of supporting those seeking asylum and refugees.
I first met Grant about five years ago when he and I regularly travelled together to visit people locked up in Villawood Detention Centre. He was greatly loved by refugees in Villawood. They felt his compassion, generosity and humanity.

Grant also spent some years on the management committee of BMRSG professionally helping our deliberations with his background in management.

Grant is the employment officer for BMRSG and has a wide range of skills in resume preparation, communicating with employers, determining what area of work best suits a particular refugee.

Grant was a valuable member of the consultative committee on the redesign of the website where he brought his knowledge of the organisation, refugee issues and experience of working with people.

Grant is a wise and gentle man who has been a big help in advising his fellow volunteers on the resolution of refugee issues. He is always available to listen to thorny problems re online media and issues affecting those seeking asylum.

Grant and his wife Jan have had refugees live in their home and have provided delicious dinners for other refugees.

They also have spent many, many hours on street stalls, marches and rallies drawing attention to the plight of those in detention and supporting the human rights of refugees.
by Roger Grealy and Pat Rayner