In the financial year 2021-22 44 families and 35 individuals, unemployed or under employed refugees were saved from homelessness by the provision of rent relief.

Around 50 refugees had assistance with CV’s and job applications.   

More than 40 phones were provided to refugees in detention and the community.

BMRSG was contacted by Universities in Tokyo and USA for permission to use the winning videos from our student video competition.

More than 500 letters were written to politicians and newspapers by our letter writing team during the last 12 months.

2021-22 was another tough year due to COVID. We have kept in touch via messenger, birthday cards and photos, and provided phone credits, clothing and other essentials when they have been permitted..


  • $6M of relief was provided to people on temporary visas by NSW government after lobbying by groups that BMRSG was part of.
  • To help to alleviate their financial stress due to rent increases a one-off increased cost of living payment ($500 for families, $250 for individuals) was made in April this year, and food vouchers were increased to $200/week for families, $100/individuals.
  • Each Christmas hundreds of refugee children receive a personal welcome note from a local school child in shoeboxes containing age-appropriate gifts. 426 shoe boxes were given out for Christmas 2021.
  • 63 households were in ongoing contact with BMRSG over the last year for friendship and support including assistance with visa applications, help with medical issues, managing contact with schools and landlords, legal costs and food vouchers.
  • Refugees have started their own businesses with support from our members. These include a picture framing business, gardening businesses, a second-hand car parts business pulling apart cars BMRSG has been donated which are not suitable for repair, a market garden, a café and a catering business. BMRSG assists with promotion, cars, help with understanding the laws around tax, renting and safety and the occasional second-hand computer.
  • The cars for refugees project has enabled people to access work, start businesses, access cheaper food and social supports. Around 40 cars have been provided over the last 2 years thanks to partnerships with generous donors, tradespeople and a local high school.
  • The Ocean 12 cricket team grew out of the depression and despair endemic amongst Tamil asylum seekers. Forming the team has improved their mental health and their cricket over the last 7 years.  Now they are national champions, read more.

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