Aida’s Poem

by Prue Kozlovski

Sometime ago, as a BMRSG volunteer, I was asked by a caseworker to support a young teenager, as the family were in crisis and her mother was in psychiatric care.

One of the first things this young girl told me was “Be careful Prue…because people like you usually get hurt themselves.” Such wisdom in one so young.

BMRSG had helped to get her a laptop for school work during COVID lockdown and later organized a tutor to help with maths tuition.

Gradually I heard her story of Nauru….

Aida was a young eight year old child when she was taken to Nauru.

By the time she reached the age of 12 she was undernourished, severely depressed, and self-harming.

Both mother and Aida were Medivaced to Sydney. Aida to Westmead Children’s Hospital and her mother, who had suffered a miscarriage, to another. Aida was placed in the wonderful care of Prof. David Isaacs and his team.

A guard remained in her room at all times, not allowing any privacy between Aida and her mother during the mother’s visits to see her daughter.   When questioned by doctors and nursing staff the guard’s response was, “It was their duty of care” 

In the middle of the night …about 9 months ago …Aida wrote a poem …and messaged me at 1.00 in the morning.

Hey Prue … I just wrote a poem”

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I am done with being a piece of living walking propaganda
To SERVE Australian politicians’ agenda

I wonder, when they look at their Policy, is it stained ??
Ash….Red….from a refugee’s suicide and all those on Nauru that
they contained ??

When refugee kids struggle with self harm
Are their children….afar….from self harm ??

Do they name their daughters and sons by Number Codes
Are they themselves going throu psychiatric episodes ??

Do their children struggle with sad thoughts of a hopeful future
Or are their children, carefree, watching a moving on computer ?

When a refugee child is denied an education..
Do they attend their own child’s Uni Graduation ??

Do Australians an Anthem sing
For those who’ve come across the seas
We’re boundless plains to share “
Advance Australia ….Fair ??


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