An Incredibly Tough Family – BMRSG Helps

This is an amazingly tough family!

We first met them in 2013.  They are still in the High Court appeal process so receive no Centrelink payments or Medicare.

When we first met. Aamaal* was 12 years old and was the person who liaised with us as she had the best English.  There is a younger brother Chandra.  Neither parent spoke any English.

Father Deepesh (very shy and retiring) managed to secure all sorts of jobs.  Although probably being exploited as he had little English, he managed to hold onto different jobs.

Aamal, since the age of 12, has completed EVERY form that the family has had to submit to Immigration, visa applications, father’s driving licence application, Opal card applications etc.

She completed her HSC and did reasonably well.

Last year, BMRSG members helped Aamaal to get her drivers licence.  Twenty lessons were sponsored by the group members.  She passed first time !

She started TAFE this year but of course this has now been suspended.  She had a job at a cafe but this closed last week.

Mum Janvi had a job for 4 years at a factory but that closed last week.

Yesterday father Deepesh came home early – his boss has Covid 19 so all employees are in self isolation.

This family now has no income at all.  How can you help us to help them?

*All names have been changed.


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