Submission to the Inquiry on the Migration Amendment (Repairing Medical Transfers) Bill 2019

BMRSG's submission as to why we do not support this bill. "We are concerned that this bill will slow the evacuation of seriously ill people from Manus and Nauru to Australia for specialist treatment thus exacerbating their disorders. Doctors and medical personnel must always be able make the decision for rapid medical evacuation in a society which values human life. The previous system involved many levels of bureaucracy and constant court battles to enable medical transfers, an expensive and time wasting business."

Susan Templeman’s speech Migration Amendment (Repairing Medical Transfers) Bill 2019 Second Reading Speech

Member of Macquarie, Susan Templeman's speech opposing the repeal of the Medivac legislation. MIGRATION AMENDMENT (REPAIRING MEDICAL TRANSFERS) BILL 2019 SECOND READING SPEECH Since the Medevac laws passed in February, against the government's wishes, 110 refugees and asylum seekers have been transferred to Australia for medical treatment. In a submission to a Senate inquiry examining the government's bid to unwind the laws, Dr Kerryn Phelps points out that about 80 per cent of cases were agreed to by the minister at the first instance and none have been refused on security grounds. "The process is working as intended - an orderly system providing medical treatment for sick refugees in a timely manner," Dr Phelps said.

BMRSG Helps – Two young people with so much to offer.

Good news stories of 2 young people from Western Sydney whose families came seeking asylum. One young man who is the school athletics champion and another young girl who starred in the school assignment on Multiculturalism. Just two of the many making a contribution to our community.

Citizen of the Year, Celebration of a Life

The event on Sunday 7th April to celebrate George Winston’s award of Citizen of the Year for the Blue Mountains brought the spirit of celebration into an area of life that is often bleak. The speakers were all inspiring and the Tibetan dancers, led and trained by Samzin Kalang, BMRSG’s newest committee member, set the scene with grace and beauty.

Tibetan flag flies high outside council

History was made Friday morning when the Tibetan flag was raised outside Blue Mountains Council chambers at Katoomba. It is the first time in Australia a Tibetan flag has been flown outside a local council chamber. The small but vocal Tibetan community cheered and sang their national song as Dhongdue Kyinzom, a member of the Tibetan parliament-in-exile and Cr Kerry Brown did the honours.

Behrouz Boochani’s literary prize acceptance speech – full transcript

This is a transcript of the speech Behrouz Boochani delivered via video link on 31 January 2019

When I arrived at Christmas Island six years ago, an immigration official called me into the office and told me that they were going to exile me to Manus Island, a place in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I told them that I am a writer. That same person just laughed at me, and ordered the guards to exile me to Manus.

Until when: The forgotten men of Manus Island

This joint report by the Refugee Council of Australia in partnership with Amnesty International, tells the story of the men who have been sent by Australia to Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (PNG), and what has happened to them after they were forcibly removed from the ‘regional processing centre’ on Manus Island one year ago. Executive summary "The system the Australian government has designed for refugees and asylum seekers, has a kind of evil and devastating effect. It can ruin the very inner strength of human spirit. To the outsider, Fariborz [Karami] took his own life [on Nauru in June 2018], but the truth is the system took his life. There is no alternative explanation, and we must hold the Australian government accountable for this action.