Blue Mountains Welcome Way on World Refugee Day 2020

Members of Blue Mountains Support Group celebrated World Refugee Day 2020 by creating a virtual Welcome Way. We shared photos and ourselves and our families at home and in our community.

We posted our images online and on our fences. We all did it in our own way.

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We All Welcome Refugees in Our Own Way

Refugees Are Welcome


Refugees Are Welcome

Blue Mountains Welcome Way – Glenbrook Mob

Blue Mountains Welcome Wentworth Falls Group

Stop the Boats, performed by spontaneous local group from Wentworth Falls on #WorldRefugeeDay

The song was written by Getano Bann and is included on the compilation CD “Reclaim Your Voice” produced by Andy Busuttil and Greg Seiler.

Today’s singers were Eunice Goodberg, Brendan Doyle, Michael and Virginia Reed, Caroline Moses and Margie Tubbs.

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