BMRSG at RAR Wodonga Part 2 – Changing Hearts and Minds

BMRSG, led by Joy Connor, ran a packed out workshop, Changing Hearts and Minds. Participants came up with a long list of activities which they had successfully tried in their home towns. The list on butcher’s paper was shared with all on the wall and other participants added to it.

Activities suggested included:

  • Invite an MP to open and close a forum so then they have to listen to all content.
  • Adopt a pollie
  • Central Coast suggested, candle light vigils, book club, community dinners, walks, picnic, simple language on flyers
  • Show the human face of the issue, involve refugees in our activities, BBQ, fundraisers.
  • Networking – contact other groups, focus on parts of the electorate that might have swinging voters
  • Monday vigils outside local MP’s office
  • Monthly stalls, street theatre, lantern parade
  • Concerts, funding tickets to relevant plays for students from disadvantaged areas, (from BMRSG)
  • Use social media
  • Local stalls, talk about how we are all ‘boat people’
  • Refugee Week, talk to children, lanterns,



“be the change you want to see”

ie discuss/ interact with people from position of love and care rather than interacting with their suffering (Cathy McGowan ..?quoting Stuart Hill)

“ they tried to bury us but they didn’t  realise  we were seeds”.

Cathy McGowan  quoting Phil Glendeniing  (actually quoting Greek poet and gay activist  Dinos Christianopoulis).


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