BMRSG Works – A Team Effort

By Noeline Nagle

When you feel a little let down about the state of the world, please always remember there are many wonderful people out there ready to care, share, give and deliver.  I would like to share with you an extraordinary event that took place over a few days.

An elderly gentleman from Lane Cove, who was the Head of Physical Chemistry at Sydney University and the World’s leading authority on Colloid Science, was moving into a nursing home. His family contacted Denise, who runs our furniture and goods section, of BMRGS and offered the entire contents of his unit.

His daughter and son in law coordinated this rather complicated situation with Denise. Denise has the incredible task of making several phone call, texts and emails in an attempt to get drivers and helpers.

At the same time, we had a family seeking asylum in crisis. They needed virtually everything to try and restore their life in some way. Their newly born baby is very ill in hospital and the mum recuperating from a C section and the trauma of coming home without a baby and they needed to move asap. All they had was 1 double bed, in frightful condition. Their 2-year-old sleeps with mum and dad.

Denise realised that moving the goods from Lane Cove to Wentworth Falls and then down to Toongabbie wasn’t really a smart way to go. At such short notice David, one of the amazing BMRSG drivers put up his hand to help. The recipient of the goods became his offsider. As I write this, they still don’t have power and gas but they do have the knowledge that BMRSG and friends really do care.

Sunday morning the ute and trailer set off on their mission. I received a text message just after 2pm that mission had been accomplished. Where would we be without such people, totally unselfish giving souls who rally around to get the job done. On behalf of the family I thank you all. The givers, the messengers, the helpers and those that care so passionately about our disadvantaged friends who are seeking asylum.

Note from Editor
This was a situation where the offer matched the need at the same time.    We have limited capacity to store furniture and goods so our ability to accept donations depends on the need at the time.

If you have furniture to donate contact Denise



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