Employ an Asylum Seeker

Starting a new life in a different country is a daunting experience for most people. For asylum seekers who may have spent many years fleeing persecution, or spent years in detention, it is even more difficult. By far the most practical means of becoming independent is to have work.

Regrettably there are many barriers to employment. People fleeing persecution are often not able to travel with the personal records they will need in a new country. Others come from countries where cultural and employment practices are vastly different from ours. Many arrive with insufficient English to help them make the best start.

What they do bring though are personal attributes that many employers would say are highly desirable characteristics. They genuinely want to work and are prepared to work hard. They are used to early starts and long days and they eagerly want to repay an employer with loyalty.

The BMRSG is in touch with many new migrants ranging from individuals with manufacturing and production experience through to others who have academic qualifications and professional backgrounds.

The issue of workplace opportunities is crucial in highlighting the positive economic impact of refugees and migrants. Many companies would benefit from having highly motivated and diverse employees. Many of these people face extreme hardship and discrimination in their attempts to enter the workforce.

BMRSG wants to contact employers who would be willing to offer employment to asylum seekers, refugees and new migrants.

We can offer:

Job seekers with either Bridging or Permanent Protection visas, with full work rights, bank accounts and tax file numbers;
People with a range of work, academic and practical skills;
Survivors, who are strongly committed to earning a living and contributing to Australian society;
Mentor support for each person placed.
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For more information contact Grant Medaris on 0487 913 137 or email Grant on refugee_employment@bmrsg.org.au

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