Gardening in extremely difficult circumstances

A young man who came to Australia seeking asylum, but who has been detained in different facilities across the country, has become a very inventive gardener.

He has devised an irrigation system from plastic bin liners, plastic milk bottles, polystyrene cups, plastic straws all sourced from the garbage bin.

He has cut chux wipes into strips to make netting to protect the plants from the birds.

Those of you familiar with Permaculture Design will know about The 12 Principles of Permaculutre Design which include using what you have available, obtain a yield and use small and slow solutions.

We don’t know if this young man is aware of permaculuture but he has certainly put elements of the design system into practice to solve problems and to produce great flowers and fruit


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    1. Pat Rayner

      Truly. He has grown a range of excellent veg and flowers with very limited materials and so much inventiveness. Very impressive

  1. Peggy Goldsmith

    I have well made metre high beds with 19 ml irrigation and I can’t produce carrots like those!
    Growing flowers close to vegetables I am learning is a great way to pollinate your plants.
    Well done on the recycling!

    1. Pat Rayner

      I have only ever been able to grow very odd shaped carrots, nothing like those.
      Also growing veg and flowers together help to confuse the pests.

  2. Robert Trenchard-Smith

    Dear BMRSG Members, This young man’s inventiveness in difficult conditions, is truly amazing. He also deserves recognition for his gardening ability and inventiveness. Could our Publicity Officer please contact the ABC’s " Gardening Australia " program, to suggest that a section of its weekly program be devoted, as soon as possible, to showing this young man’s gardening ability and inventiveness. He is an inspiration to all Gardeners in Australia and his talents must not be allowed to remain unseen, because of this country’s callous and disgusting Detention System. What do other Members think ???

    1. Pat Rayner

      Hi Robert

      I agree with you completely however publicity on Gardening Australia would not be good for this young man with those who make the decisions about his status.

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