Hold On – A song for refugees

Media Release by Lorraine Vogel

For immediate release 2nd July 2014
Enquiries to lorraine.vogel@ozdots.com.au

Restoring hope through song


Blue Mountains based musician and choir director Lorraine Vogel has written an inspiring song called “Hold On” that she hopes will support and uplift asylum seekers.

“There are many songs written about refugees to raise awareness but this one has a very different purpose, it was written for asylum seekers to hear. They are its intended audience” Lorraine explained.

Whilst the current political situation is bleak for asylum seekers, the song offers a message of hope and asks them to “hold on” because there are many people in Australia who care about their plight.

The heartfelt song lyrics are printed in the CD booklet in Arabic, Dari, Urdu, Farsi and Tamil, the major languages of those currently held in detention.

Lorraine’s choir Rainsong joined Peter Miller-Robinson for the recording which was a local production made possible by crowd funding.

“We are so grateful to all those who donated and made this project possible. I also thank Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group (BMRSG) for their encouragement and support.” Lorraine continued.

Lorraine wants asylum seekers to know that despite the actions of our government, there are good people fighting every day for their rights.

“There are many of us who have not forgotten them and who are horrified at how they are being treated. We don’t all want to turn back the boats.”

Lorraine will soon be sending CDs to as many refugee support organisations as possible. Copies of the CD have already been given to BMRSG in the hope that they will reach individuals that the group supports in the community and in detention.

“It will be a challenge to get the song to those currently in detention but I am hoping to find contacts who can achieve that, as well as those who can play the song to recently settled refugees as they start their lives here. These people need more than practical help, they need emotional support too. “Hold On” is our gift to them to that end.”

A moving video was created by Vic & Liz O’Callaghan to accompany the song. It has already been viewed over two thousand times on YouTube.

Some churches have used the song in candlelight vigils and services, it has been sung at an Amnesty forum and other musicians and choirs have expressed interest in performing it. It is hoped that “Hold On” will become an anthem for all those who care about refugees.

How you can help:

All enquiries to lorraine.vogel@ozdots.com.au

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  1. Lyn Bardsley

    We are looking for a song to sing in Brisbane. Each Friday there is a vigil outside a motel where refugees medivac-ed from Manus are being held. Could we use this sing? Would you send the sheet music?
    Best wishes

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