Learn to swim program for children from families seeking asylum

Seeing children laugh and squeal with delight is like music to our ears. So then why do so many of our asylum seeker children never get the opportunity to learn to swim?
The reasons are many but the underlying cause is the cost.
Remember these children still have the memory of the “boat trip” . Their parents carry the burden of trauma and survival in everyday life in this country where the government really doesn’t want them. Swimming lessons are really not in the equation.

BMRSG is supporting a group of 20 children who have just completed their 3rd lesson of a program of 10. It’s difficult to articulate the sheer joy the children experience. Some were very apprehensive, some bold and ready. Our instructor from Aus.Swim is delightful and embraces the task with enthusiasm. Already after 3 lessons the children are showing huge improvement.
Being water safe is the aim but the benefits reach far beyond that. The parents accompanying their children (some now electing to swim as well)
The parents all say the children slept really well after swimming. One little girl, when woken the following morning declared “Please not yet, I haven’t finished my dream. I’m swimming”
I’m sure we all acknowledge the need for our children to become water safe.

It costs $14.50 per lesson per child and we have 20 children in the programme. We also needed goggles, swimming caps and needed to supply 5 pairs of swimmers.

Any help you can give would be wonderful.

Please donate what you can afford via Everyday Hero
You can donate a once off single amount or sign up for regular monthly donations- see link below
-every $ will help change a life.

Donation Everyday Hero

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    1. Pat Rayner

      Hi Chris
      The swimming lessons are continuing and the plan is for them do so throughout the year with new children joining as spaces become available.
      We manager

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