Look Mum! I can swim.

Seven weeks ago we started our third term of the asylum seeker swimming program. Each week this very enthusiastic group of youngsters with their mums and dads arrive at the Blacktown Aquatic Centre for their “extended “ swimming lesson. I say extended as the actual lesson is only ½ an hour but the children spend time before and after the lesson in the water. Denise Thorpe, one of our members, frequently gets in the water with the children and offers her expertise .

The children love it, soaking up tips and relishing in the belief that they really can swim. The parents gather for the weekly chitchat and then many of them also get into the water with younger children or to help their budding swimmers.

Marion Davie, another member, is at hand to help solve the day to day problems that the parents struggle with . The mothers love her involvement. The improvement in their swimming ( parents as well as children ) is amazing.  Yesterday one of the boys easily and competently swam 25 metres . The smiles and laughter say it all.

Thanks to BMRGS these lessons have helped make several asylum seeker children water safe ….and hopefully cautious .

Thanks Denise, Marion, Senthil and Sulo for your continued support.

Noeline Nagle


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