Make a Bequest

How to make a bequest

It’s easy to make a bequest to Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group Inc. (BMRSG) You can either include the bequest when you write your will, or simply add one as a codicil to your existing will. In either case, seek professional advice from a legal adviser, to ensure your wishes are recorded in a legally binding way.

It is also important to talk to your loved ones about your intentions, and let them know that leaving a gift to refugee support is important to you. This can help to ensure your final wishes are carried out.

Types of bequest

Bequests can be made in a variety of ways according to your personal situation and preferences.  You may choose to give:

residual gift which is a share or whole of your estate after providing for family and friends.

percentage of the overall value of your estate which allows for growth or depletion of the value of your estate.

specified sum of cash. However, this does not allow for changes of circumstance or inflation.

gift of real estate, stocks, bonds, shares, artwork, jewellery etc.

The correct wording for your will;

“I give to the Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group Inc.

  1. a)   All of my residuary estate OR
  2. b)   __________percentage of my residuary estate OR
  3. c)   The sum of $ ____________


  1. d)   (list asset or assets)

To be applied for the purposes of support for refugees or asylum seeker by BMRSG. I declare that the receipt of the Treasurer of BMRSG or other authorised officer will be a sufficient discharge to my executors who will not be bound to see to the application of this gift”.

BMRSG Inc. (ABN 9929 662 1082) holds Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Status and is fully tax exempt.