New song – Compassionate Country

Linda Simpson has written a new song Compassionate Country about Australia’s treatment of refugees.


Linda says

I would be honored if you would listen to it and if you thought it appropriate to Share by any means possible I would be deeply grateful. It is a message of hope & gratitude to those,… who stand up for others being mistreated and also will hopefully open some hearts & minds of people who really don’t understand the situation.

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  1. marlene griffin

    I heard your song and saw the accompanying film at the recent RAR conference . It summed up for all 240 of us at the conference why we were there . Its a powerful song with simple but tragic lyrics and its sung with such feeling.
    A moving experience to hear it.
    Thankyou .

  2. Zainab Clark

    Dear Linda,

    I was also at the RAR Conference and was deeply moved by your song and the photos shown. We would very much like to show it at an Amnesty event for Refugees awareness-raising in southern Tasmania where we are showing the movie The Merger. How do we get a copy of this that can be played in a theatre that cannot play from Youtube?

    1. Pat Rayner

      I have passed your message on to Linda Simpson who lives in the Albury Wodonga area. She will contact you.

      All the best with the event. I saw The Merger and loved it.

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