Paper plates, paper planes and intense competition at the BMRSG Trivia Night

by Guy Power

Our annual BMRSG Trivia Night took place on May 18 in the Lawson Community Centre. It was our first time back there since the lockdowns locked us all down. It was cold outside, but warm inside, and nearly 80 lovely people attended. 

Brain-tickling questions, body-stretching activities and soul-strengthening camaraderie made for a successful event. The hall and foyer were bursting with prizes. Competition was friendly but genuine and a lot of goodies were stashed into cars afterwards.  

Again, our members and friends showed their versatility. Memory (those questions!), fine motor skills (Mintie wrapper ribbons, paper plane making and flying), gross motor skills (paper plate skiing), and culinary skills (cf supper) were all on display. 

Of course, I must add organisational skills here as well. Yvonne Lollback, Pat Rayner and Barbara Barnard deserve special mention. Thanks to them for their efforts.

Thank you as well to those members and friends who arranged their lives to be able to attend.

Our table, the members of which shall remain anonymous, did particularly well, scoring highly in all rounds, except local knowledge. Either the questions there were too hard, or we are not as clever as we think we are. The evidence, based on others tables’ scores, suggests the second option. I am very happy to report though, that we all contributed equally in terms of food, drink, fun and embarrassing answers. We nearly came fourth in paper-plane flying, and got through to the last 28 in True or False.

So, thank you again to all who attended or donated prizes or who contributed in other ways. It was a successful evening, and we did raise money and awareness for a good cause. See you all next year?

Thank you to Guy Power for the photos.

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