Prize-Winners in RAR/BMRSG National Video and Poster Competition 2020

by Guy Power

In our September Newsletter, our Chairperson, Joy Connor, wrote as follows:-

“Kids Speak Out

Empathy, outrage, compassion and fellow feeling come through loud and clear in entries from school students in the Video and Poster competition run by BMRSG and Rural Australians for Refugees.


Messages like Shine a light on the darkness”, Struggle is real”, It could be youthis could be your tomorrow” show a depth of heartfelt humanity and an understanding of the impact of our countries’ current policies on both refugees and people seeking asylum and on our nation’s soul. Positive messages from the students of the great contribution refugees can make to our community are an inspiration.


Lovely words from Joy, and we are proud to announce that Judging is now complete, prizewinners have been notified. You can view the prizewinning entries on our BMRSG website, and on our YouTube Channel.

Joy was absolutely correct when she wrote about the empathy, outrage, compassion and fellow feeling the entries displayed. What she didn’t mention, though, was the enormous range of technical skills, the imagination and creativity shown, and the tenacity necessary to see tasks like these through.

It is sometimes tempting to be negative about young people, but the efforts behind the entries we received can only be heartening. As I said, you can view the prizewinning entries on our BMRSG website, and on our YouTube Channel.

The competitions asked students to produce a short video or a poster which would produce a positive change in attitudes towards refugees. The winning entries were as follows:-


1st Prize – “What is an Australian” by Maslen Varnel,  Kasper Ekstrom and 3rd student of Kindlehill School.

2nd Prize – “The Final Wave” by Lucy Bell of Kindlehill School.

Equal 2nd Prize – “Our Story” by Anna Andrew, Stella Grieve and Hannah Royal of Kindlehill School.

Judges’ Special Prize – “It Could Happen To You” by Eva Gee, Hannah Kennedy, Dakota Smith  and Annelise Johnston of  Wycliffe Christian School.


1st Prize – “Say Yes To Refugees”.

2nd Prize – “We Need Your Help” by Daisy-May Laws of Wycliffe Christian School.

Equal 2nd Prize – “Help Refugees” by Samuel McGregor of Wycliffe Christian School.

Judges’Special Prizes – “Bring Back Light” by Elisha Nanayakkara of Penrith High School and “Make a Change” by Lucas Galea of Nepean CAPA High School.

As the titles of the entries make clear, the message is universally positive and welcoming. I encourage everyone to view them and see for yourself.

I wish here to thank all the students who entered, all the teachers who encouraged them, and the BMRSG people involved in running these competitions. It was definitely worthwhile! Onwards to 2021.


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