Report of 2015 Annual General Meeting

The AGM took place on 19 September and the following officers were elected:

Hal Ginges – Chairman

George Winston – Secretary

DOWNLOAD:  The Chairman’s Report


Phil Glendenning

Phil Glendenning

Phil Glendenning from the Edmund Rice Centre and President of the Refugee Council of Australia, was the guest speaker . He described the group as one of the most active in the country for the help they provide to refugees.

Phil regularly travels to countries that are the source of asylum seekers. He told us of the shock in the UN at Australia’s cruelty.

He told  of the lies and secrecy of the Australian government on what they are doing to asylum seekers, of the abuse of women on Nauru .

He gave us lots of evidence that “stopping the boats” is simply sending innocent people somewhere else to die. When Scott Morrison had his orange boats take people back in one instance two pregnant women were dumped on an uninhabited Indonesian island where they were stranded for four days. Secrecy, lies, cruelty.

He detailed how those who had been sent back to Afghanistan had been killed, those sent back to Sri Lanka and Vietnam were imprisoned.

We need to change the policies of Liberal & Labor so that we have onshore processing.

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