Satheesh RoS

by Noeline Nagle

Satheesh was introduced to me 10 years ago. A young, athletic man who wanted to play cricket for Ocean 12. He quickly became our star player.

Roll the years ahead to 2023 and finally he has been granted a RoS (Resolution of Status) permanent residency. He now lives in Melbourne and is a contracted player for the East Coburg Club. They have never won a premiership. This year they did thanks to Satheesh. He took 6 wickets in the semi finals and 6 wickets in the finals. It’s been my absolute pleasure to follow his success.

He is a wonderful example of the fine young men that have been treated so shabbily by the Government. Satheesh will make a fine Australian and we never know he may end up playing for Australia.

Let’s hope the roll out of more RoS visas is done quickly and efficiently and we can then concentrate on those with NO visa or a Bridging Visa. Satheesh is now secure in Australia but we must now concentrate our energy towards those in desperate need.


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