Other Advocacy Websites

Amnesty International www.amnesty.org.au

Amnesty International protects and empowers people – from abolishing the death penalty to protecting sexual and reproductive rights, and from combating discrimination to defending refugee rights. We speak out for anyone whose freedom and dignity are under threat.

Asylum Seekers Centre (Sydney) www.asylumseekerscentre.org.au/

The Asylum Seekers Centre provides practical and personal support for people seeking asylum living in the community.

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (Melbourne) www.asrc.org.au/

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) is both a place and a movement. We are an independent not-for-profit organisation, whose programs support and empower people seeking asylum. As a movement, we mobilise and unite communities to create lasting social and policy change.

Australian Lawyers for Human Rights www.alhr.asn.au/

Australian Lawyers for Human Rights is an association of legal professionals active in practising and promoting awareness of international human rights standards in Australia.

Australian Refugee Action Network (ARAN) https://australianrefugeeactionnetwork.wordpress.com

Australian Refugee Action Network (ARAN) is a national alliance of refugee action and advocacy groups. See members page for listing of their member organisations.

Baptist Care SA https://www.baptistcaresa.org.au/refugees

Our services include specific support for those who are waiting on resolving their status as well as help for unaccompanied minors.

Bridge for Asylum Seekers Foundation www.asylumseekersfoundation.com/

The organisation provides a bridge for asylum seekers between their applications for protection and their Permanent Protection Visas.

Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum https://capsa.org.au

Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum was formed to turns hearts and minds to compassion. We dream of an Australia that welcomes and respects people seeking asylum.

Chilout (Children Out of Detention) www.chilout.org

At ChilOut, our mission is to promote the rights of children seeking asylum and advocate for policy and law reform that sufficiently protects the rights of these vulnerable children.

Edmund Rice Centre www.erc.org.au/

The Edmund Rice Centre conducts a number of programs with four distinct characteristics – research, community education, advocacy and partnerships.

House of Welcome www.houseofwelcome.com.au/

The House of Welcome exists to welcome, shelter and empower people seeking asylum and refugees regardless of their age, gender, sexuality, nationality or religion.

Human Rights Council of Australia hrca.org.au/

The Human Rights Council of Australia Inc is an organisation of people committed to promoting universal human rights for all without discrimination; in Australia, our region and the world.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission www.humanrights.gov.au

Leading the promotion and protection of Human Rights in Australia. They have published a number of important reports most notably the Moss Review which looked at conditions on Nauru Detention Centre.

Human Rights Law Centre https://www.hrlc.org.au

The Human Rights Law Centre protects and promotes human rights in Australia and in Australian activities overseas. We do this using an integrated strategic combination of legal action, advocacy, research and capacity building.

Jesuit Refugee Services https://www.jrs.org.au

JRS undertakes services, accompaniment and advocacy at national, regional and international levels to ensure that refugees have full rights while in exile, and to strengthen the protection afforded to refugees, internally displaced people, people seeking asylum and other forcibly displaced people.

Julian Burnside http://www.julianburnside.com/

Julian Burnside is well known for his work as a barrister in Australia, as well as a human rights and refugee advocate, and author.

Kaldor Centre UNSW International Refugee Law http://www.kaldorcentre.unsw.edu.au

The Andrew & Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law at UNSW Sydney is the world’s first and only research centre dedicated to the study of international refugee law. They publish papers and books.

Refugee Action Coalition Sydney refugeeaction.org.au/

The Refugee Action Coalition (Sydney) campaigns for the rights of refugees trying to seek asylum in Australia.

Refugee Council of Australia www.refugeecouncil.org.au

The core purpose of the RCOA is to promote the development of humane, lawful and constructive policies towards refugees and asylum seekers.

Refugee Advice Service (RACs) https://www.racs.org.au

Refugee Advice and Casework Service is one of Australia’s leading refugee legal centres providing free, specialist legal assistance to people seeking asylum and refugees seeking to reunite with their families.

Refugee Rights Action Network WA www.rran.org

RRAN does a variety of work to try and reveal the many problems of mandatory detention and ultimately work towards dismantling the system of mandatory detention.

Rural Australians for Refugees (RAR) https://www.ruralaustraliansforrefugees.org.au

Rural Australians for Refugees (RAR), is an informal network of regional and rural groups supporting and advocating for refugees and people seeking asylum.

Sinking of SIEVX sievx.com

This site is a comprehensive archive of all aspects of the SIEVX incident.

Welcome to Australia (South Australia) http://www.welcometoaustralia.org.au/

This organisation exists to engage everyday Australians in the task for cultivating a culture of welcome in our nation.