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OCEAN 12 – The name is now well known and their extraordinary success needs to be shared. Currently they are ranked No 2 in the world for 20/20 Last Man Stands competition and are the current Australian Champions.

What probably isn’t well known is the everyday stress these men endure. They are at an age where life should be sweet but the anguish shows on their faces. Yesterday, Anne-Marie and I watched them play (yes they won a great game against long time rivals). We spoke of how they had grown in the 3 years since the team was formed. Their English is so much better; they mix comfortably in such a mature and sociable manner and are well integrated into the Australian way of life.

Anne-Marie and I are not in a position to share the various reasons for their stress. We are glad they are able to share their problems with us knowing it’s never going to be repeated.

If you feel touched by the Ocean 12 success and are in a position to help, please consider the following:-

The men have a raffle (brilliantly organised) with prizes such as;

  • a signed bat (donated by Cricket Australia),
  • 2 tickets to New Zealand,
  • IPad,
  • vouchers.

(All prizes sourced by the men.)

Tickets are $10.00 each or a book for $100.00.

I am very happy to sell these to you.
Cricket is very expensive. It costs $130.00 per game

Tickets are available from me. I can happily assist your purchase. Please call me on
0417 222 188 to support these wonderful young men.

Tamil food and Tamil culture is bold, beautiful and full of energy.
On the February 18 the winning ticket will be drawn at a Tamil dinner. I can guarantee it will be an awesome night. Please email to register your interest.

Noeline & Anne-Marie
December 5 2016

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