Work of BMRSG – Tavam’s shoes

Ever wondered just where BMRSG spends the most welcome donated money. Let me share a story with you. In November last year Tavam's children were attending the swimming school we were running. Tavam accompanied the children and in this delightful non-threatening environment Tavam told me about his well-worn boots. They were issued in detention years ago and have been his only footwear . These are not ordinary boots but boots with specialist built up sole on one shoe.

An exciting second year for the Youth Shoebox Project

Our very own Youth Shoebox Project kicks off for the second year to give a warm Blue Mountains welcome to children and young people seeking refuge and asylum in Australia. Go to their Facebook page Youth Shoebox Project to find out how you can be part of this great initiative.

Learn to swim program for children from families seeking asylum

Seeing children laugh and squeal with delight is like music to our ears. So then why do so many of our asylum seeker children never get the opportunity to learn to swim? The main reason is cost. BMRSG is supporting a group of 20 children in a learn to swim program. They have just completed their 3rd lesson of 10. It costs $14.50 per lesson per child and we have 20 children in the programme. We also needed goggles, swimming caps and needed to supply 5 pairs of swimmers. Find out how you can support this program.

Over 203 special deliveries- BMRSG and MYST’s very own Christmas story

Annabelle and Alana, two inspired young women from Winmalee High, conjured up the brilliant idea of the Mountains Youth Shoebox Project whilst on Work Experience with Sue Campbell-Ross at the Mountains Youth Service Team. Sue then contacted BMRSG and a great partnership was formed. Over 203 Welcome Shoeboxes were delivered to children and young people from refugee and asylum-seeking families living in the community in Western Sydney. Extra special seasonal deliveries were also made to those in Villawood Immigration Detention Centre to help brighten their Christmas.