The Free + Equal Position Paper: A Human Rights Act for Australians

Charters of Human Rights are about ensuring that the values we all share – like fairness, respect, dignity and compassion – are always at the heart of all government decisions, laws and policies.

And the Australian Human Rights Commission released a position paper illustrating how to make this a reality.

The Free + Equal Position Paper: A Human Rights Act for Australiaoutlines why Australia needs a Federal Charter and we’re thrilled that it’s backed up by some of the research and examples from this campaign.

Click here to read the report, and grab the facts that prove we need a Charter.

The Human Rights Commission outlines that we need:

  • Legislated human rights at the heart of Federal Government laws, policies and services;

  • Legislation to cover all the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights that Australia has already promised the world to follow;

  • Strengthened parliamentary scrutiny for human rights, along similar lines to a report this campaign released last year; and

  • A simple and easy way for people to enforce their rights when they are violated.

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