Work of BMRSG 2015 – 1 Successful programs at Fairfield High School

BMRSG supported 2 programs run by the Parents Cafe at Fairfield High School.

Healing Through Evan Yako’s Drumming

This program was proposed as one of a number of early interventions to address the needs of a growing group of newly arrived refugee students enrolled at Fairfield Intensive English Centre. These students from Iraq, Syria and Iran have all experienced a range of extremely traumatic events such as long years of exposure to war and conflict; dislocation; deprivation; and very disrupted or limited education.

The drumming program that ran during Term 4, 2015 was conducted by Evan Yako, a professional musician/drummer who is Assyrian from Iraq.

The lessons were conducted at Evan Yako’s professional drumming studio in Fairfield, during school time, for approximately one hour, every week for eight weeks. Seventeen students, both boys and girls, participated in the program

Olga van Eerde, Head Teacher Fairfield IEC said that the outcomes for the students had been extremely positive in fostering self esteem, developing teamwork, giving the students a sense of fun and enjoyment which they had little experience of previously and helping them fit into the school environment.

An article about Evan Yako’s drumming project.

Preparation in Work Skills Program

Fairfield High School 2

This 10 week program covered, basic skincare, makeup and haircare in preparation for an interview and work, identifying interests and skills, opportunities to discuss career goals and options. Students participated in excurions which included Granville College of TAFE and Fairfield Police Station.

They were given the opportunity to be fitted out in clothing appropriate for an interview from head to toe, and encouraged to participate in a mentor and resume program.

FirField High Work skills

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