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On Friday this week 10 Feb.2017 Richard Ackland wrote in The Guardian the experiences of one Iraqi man on a temporary protection visa and his problems of getting employment in Australia, ‘Non-people’, the bounds of humanity, and one person’s story of survival

This man speaks English and has work rights in Australia. He was in the Iraqi army has IT experience and ran a computer repair shop in Baghdad. He has tried to find work in Orange and Nowra as well as Sydney. The article tells of the huge problem for those seeking asylum to find work.

BMRSG works with refugees with work permits to write their resumes and to look and apply for employment.
One such person is N who has overseas experience and qualifications in civil engineering. He has extensive labouring experience in a range of civil engineering environments, such as road building and building construction. He is also a competent concreter, tiler and paver.

He has a NSW drivers licence, his own vehicle and a white card. He speaks good English. He is on a Bridging Visa with full work rights.

N was willing to consider any entry level position and wishes to demonstrate his willingness and commitment.

BMRSG employment volunteer Grant sent out letters and revisited some employers who had previously expressed interest in employing a person seeking asylum. One replied and interviewed N and now N has been told he can start work on Tuesday.

If you want more information on the work BMRSG does supporting refugees to look for employment go to Employ an Asylum Seeker

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